This article made my heart warm. I just love a happy ending!

Marty South

Daisy is a Japanese Spitz, and she’ll be two years old on November the 7th. For those who consider numbers propitious things, you may have noticed: she was born on 7/11. Those are two very lucky numbers. She’s a very lucky dog, too, I might add. A bit like the genie in the bottle, if you give her tummy a good rub, you’re sure to have an excellent day. Also a bit like the genie in the bottle, I sometimes (often) wish I could miniaturise Daisy and put her in a little box so that I can take her with me into non-dog environments and get her out, should I ever feel the need for that little bit of moral support.

I find it endlessly suprising that the Japanese Spitz is a relatively unknown breed, and not more popular. People who meet Daisy often ask if she is a…

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